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Please note these things when you are changing apartment

- Remember to declare change in address well in advance at Registry office or at

- Declare your new address to insurance company. In case you don't have home insurance, you can get it for example from insurance companies Lähitapiola or OP directly from these links.

- Remember electricity contract for example from Porin Energia.

- Notice of termination of the rental agreement is obligated by the law.
There needs to be time period of one (1) calendar month between the notice of termination of the rental agreement and moving away. Example; If the notice is given first of April, also the rent for May needs to be paid. In case the notice is given 30th of March, April's rent is the last one to be paid. 

- If resident terminates the rental agreement before 10th day of termination month, the resident is allowed to deduct 50€ from the last rental payment.

- Terminate your rental agreement with THIS FORM

- After terminating your rental agreement and moving away, please remember to clean up the apartment with care. We will charge cleaning costs from security deposit if needed. Instructions for the final cleaning can be found from this link (unfortunately in Finnish only)



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